Ethno Restaurant "Bojčinska koleba"

Srem Cuisine Delicacies We specialize in preparing high quality food based on traditional recipes of Srem cuisine (from Srem geographic region of Serbia) which include: soups, dishes, barbecue, roasted pork, lamb, veal, beef, fish and other local delicacies. As for the beverages, we are offering our homemade brandies and wines, in addition to a variety of other drinks.

Tamburitza Music Tamburitza ensemble Tamburitza ensemble "Biseri Srema" ("The Pearls of Srem" in English) performs in the evenings at "Bojčinska koleba", each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, creating unique atmosphere filled with sweet appealing sounds of traditional tamburitza music.

Authentic Setting Interior In the past times, shepherds from the villages surrounding Bojčin Forest used to build shelters (called "koleba", in singular) for themselves during the periods they were spending with their herds at the Bojčin Forest. Since "Bojčinska koleba" resembles these structures from the inside as well as from the outside it will help you experience authentic atmosphere of the shepherds' dwellings from the past times. Information & reservation: +381 (0)11 84 27 505 and +381 (0)64 85 63 035. Contact us...